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Why have you chosen Soko Gakuen?

I like the "No Jacking Money from the little guy" phrase it's a sentiment that is sadly disappearing from San Francisco, and I like that the "old school," school keeps it going (A. Roman-Alcala, 2015).

Positive Yelp reviews, price, very close to where I live, convenient scheduling, Japanese--only focus--didn't want school that does multiple languages (J. Dallal, 2015).
I like what I saw on Yelp.com and also on the website, but most importantly I really like the school feelings, the building and the location (G. Lira, 2015).

Best price for total hours of instruction, good reviews; and many levels beyond beginner are available (L. Pak, 2015).
Taught by native Japanese speakers, has professional learning curriculum and environment (F. Lesmana, 2015).
Out of all the options I found, the class started earliest and seemed to be the highest value (C. Zheng, 2015).
I heard it was a great course for beginners and a good organization with a solid mission (E. Lambert, 2015).

It was the school most within my budget where I felt I could continue to study long term (L. Jocelyn, 2015).
I came here 2 to 3 years ago to watch a class and loved the pace of teaching (M. Vaughan, 2015).
It's accessible--inexpensive, close to home and reputable--has good reviews (M. Copans, 2015).

Affordable, convenient, very happy with my first experience here (I. Whiteside, 2015).
Good feedback, reasonable prices, and great philosophy (L. Drew, 2015).
The school's commitment to excellence (M. Roudenbush, 2015).
I've heard it's the best, most vigorous (F. Clements, 2015).

Affordability, and it fits into my schedule. Also, the school has a very good reputation. Being able to take the certification exam here is also a reason (S. Marschman, 2014).

Price is really good, feedback and rates as well. The course seems very complete and I like that Japanese native speakers teach (J. Rico, 2014).

My partner has been taking classes here for 2 years and has been very pleased with the instruction and her progress (M. Kennedy, 2014).

The website for Soko Gakuen made it look like a practical option for serious study. My coworker recommended it (D. Stuart, 2014).

Because the reviews I read on Yelp and the overall praise past students gave about studying Japanese here (H. Borba, 2014).

I like the small feel of it, supporting a nonprofit, and it's affordable and close to my work (K. Pisarro-Grant, 2014).

Heard good things and impressed with extent of language learned from other students (A. Hartzell, 2014).
Because it is a fair price for what I can pay considering the excellent recommendation (L. Barbosa, 2014).
My friend took Beginning and Intermediate and he learned a lot.  I want to do this too (S. Chew, 2014).
Reasonable price (very reasonable).  Convenient location to my house (K. Bullen, 2014).

This program was praised by an old friend who attended years ago (J. Tolentino, 2014).
Because it's a good school, very good quality, and with fair price (K. Dos Santos, 2014).

No barriers to enrollment.  It seemed that intentions were serious (J. Clayton, 2014).

It seems to be the best and most economical language institute (A. Sharma, 2014).
It had the very best reviews on Yelp and a very reasonable cost (A. Kuhre, 2014).

My friend went here and highly recommended Soko Gakuen (R. Vargas, 2014).
Strongly recommended by former student (N. Barbour, 2014).
Affordability and comfortable curriculum (G. Cheung, 2014).
Great class structure, great reputation (F. Lesmana, 2014).

Good curriculum, reasonable price (B. Bloom, 2014).

Teachers seem very qualified (D. Julian, 2014).

Small school dedicated to language study. Small class size for personal attention. I hope that this will be an unorthodox method of learning that won't stress me out (B. Vanderpol, 2013).
It seems like a more conducive environment to learn Japanese than the City College of San Francisco and self-study is getting me nowhere (A. Kircher, 2013).
Dedicated Japanese language school with live students and teachers seemed more useful than other options, e.g., Rosetta Stone (A. Ali, 2013).
Very good reviews--inexpensive textbooks--good location--reasonably priced course--many courses to continue study (P. Carolan, 2013).
Best online reviews, best price, and best mission statement about teaching language and culture, not for profit (S. Redmond, 2013).
I have chosen Soko Gakuen because of the excellent curriculum and wonderful teaching methods (O. Risse-Adams, 2013).
Teachers have accreditation, evening classes are available, relatively close to our home in Berkeley (G. Szegedy, 2013).
A coworker is a current student.  And I was impressed with how quickly he was able to learn (J. Eternal, 2013).
A lot of positive reviews on Yelp.  I also liked the information provided on your web site (R. LaBotte, 2013).

It's a very fair price option, taught by native speakers, and was reviewed very well (M. Neidert, 2013).
It's the only school of its kind in SF.  Very reasonably priced and highly rated (E. Sirotich, 2013).
I met a former student and he was able to speak Japanese very well (D. Suguitan, 2013).
A friend took several classes and thought they were excellent (C. DeGear, 2013).
Because I heard that it was a credible Japanese program (V. Chinchilla, 2013).
It's close to where I live and I like the test system you have (Y. Chiang, 2013).
Have several friends who have come here and all loved it (A. Baggs, 2013).
I like the teaching philosophy outlined on the website (E. Hisama, 2013).
Good reviews for being inexpensive and educational (J. Yeo, 2013).
Best school I could find for a busy professional (D. Hirpa, 2013).
Prestigious (A. Nakos, 2013).

I have heard good things about this school from a friend who is fluent in Japanese.  Good reputation and relatively inexpensive (G. Auld, 2012).
Great reviews online (Yelp); was really excited to find an affordable opportunity to study Japanese in SF (E. Eirotich, 2012).
Read good reviews about the professors and teaching styles.  The cost was extremely reasonable (R. Quinto, 2012).
Because the school has a complete course of Japanese studies from beginning to advanced level (T. Itatsu, 2012).
Wide range of classes. Multiple days for each class offered. Competitive price (C. Davis, 2012).
Well-organized site, positive Yelp reviews, location and availability of classes (E. Wages, 2012).
It had really high reviews on Yelp and had very reasonable tuition costs (B. Gouldin, 2012).
Reviews were excellent, opportunity to take multiple classes (K. McKinley, 2012).
I heard positive feedback from a friend who took class here (M. Raab, 2012).
Best overall combination of quality of education to price (K. Cisneros, 2012).
My friend had a great experience and learned fast (R. Vargas, 2012).
I think it's a professional Japanese school (X. Liu, 2012).

Because it was the closest and cheapest Japanese language school I could find and I enjoyed taking the classes here in 2009 (M. McMillan, 2011).

After reviewing website, it seemed long enough to get good education. Other programs at ABC seemed very short (M. McGunagle, 2011).

A friend who has taken all of the classes recommended it, and the offered class times suit my schedule well (C. Cloutier, 2011).

School focuses specifically on Japanese language, the course price is great, teachers are native speakers (S. Donovan, 2011).

Because it is the most reputable and cost-efficient Japanese language school in San Francisco (A. Bartland, 2011).

It was very highly rated on the Internet. Saturday schedule is perfect for me (W. Welsh, 2011).

Good reviews and balanced approach to the course, reasonable pricing (I. Natsvlishvili, 2011).

Soko Gakuen had incredible student reviews on Yelp.com (L. Mounce, 2011).

Good reviews through multiple sources--Internet, etc. (D. Calhoun, 2011).

Good reviews on Yelp.com, and lots of class options (J. Duke, 2011).

It's inexpensive and the instructors are good (T. Shakespeare, 2011).

To learn Japanese from qualified instructors (M. How, 2011).

Affordable classes, high quality instruction (J. Zabel, 2011).

Affordability and strong testimony online (K. Ng, 2011).

Quality school (B. Hazemoto, 2011).

The school has a great reputation in San Francisco, and the courses are inexpensive and at convenient times (D. Namie, 2010).

The reviews from former students were very positive and the classes work well with my schedule (J. McGovern, 2010).

The school has been around for very long, it has very good reviews, and it is very affordable (H. DeScmidt, 2010).

I've heard a good reputation about the school.  Also the schedule and fees fit my needs (M. Jusuf, 2010).

The school is referred to as one of the best Japanese teaching institutions in town (E. Boidak, 2010).

Because the school has excellent reviews on Yelp, and it's affordable (L. van Der Lugt, 2010).

Good reviews on Yelp and it seems to cater to my working schedule (K. Sam, 2010).

Great reviews on Yelp and you need actual people to practice with (I. Emslie, 2010).

High recommendations on Yelp, schedule that works with mine (D. Dawson,2010).

It has good reviews on Yelp, and was an affordable price (S. Benjamin, 2010).

Good reviews, very good pricing, and impressive curriculum (C. Miller, 2010).

I heard it was the best Japanese school in the Bay Area (N. Gesher, 2010).

Small group compared to universities or colleges (D. DelCorro, 2010).

I was given terrific reviews from friends and family (J. Lam, 2010).

Looked like a serious school, not expensive (A. Santamarta, 2010).

The price is good and the quality is well known (M. West, 2010).

Slower pace, ratings, smaller class size (C. Smallwood, 2010).

Price and quality of teachers (C. Bragg, 2010).

Strict discipline (C. Domeny, 2010).

The reviews on Yelp were very positive.  I also appreciate the gradual build-up of language skills.  I especially was attracted to ignoring Romaji instruction altogether (A. Kuhre, 2009).

Soko Gakuen provided classes at a convenient time and the feedback from people previously enrolled in the program has been very positive (A. Smorodina, 2009).

I've heard positive things about the classes. The price is good. There are a large number of courses to take (K. Hattner, 2009).

I work with 2 friends who highly recommended the school and its teachers (J. Cahill, 2009).

Very professional; and they make you study in order to keep up (M. Mitchell, 2009).

I do not know any other place that teaches Japanese so efficiently (M. Kalo, 2009).

Organized and extensive course schedule, but low cost (D. Antonova, 2009).

I like that class size is small and it's not too expensive (S. Coronado, 2009).

Good teachers, interesting, and well organized lessons (G. Sherwin, 2009).

I love it here--very good instructors and curriculum (B. Nelson, 2009).

Reputation, quality of instruction (M. Machlis, 2009).

People I know who have attended have liked it very much. Also I appreciate of the association with the temple and supporter (Japan Center) in San Francisco (A. Mann, 2008).

I heard very positive things from a friend who took classes here. Also a very good price for amount of hours (C. Pantsios, 2008).

The instructors I talked to seemed friendly and I wanted to take a class in Japanese (P. Traylor, 2008).

Your school has high standards and I learned quite quickly when I was here before (M. Deaves, 2008).

I've been in classes here before and know they can teach me well (C. Kashevaroff, 2008).

It (School) has a thorough course breakdown and seems low-stress (J. Mielke, 2008).

It was highly recommended by a few friends who have studied here (L. Farrell, 2008).

It seems like the most comprehensive Japanese class in the city (K. Kaufman, 2008).

It's a respectful language school that has many good teachers (B. Rezwani, 2008).

I felt that it is the most intensive Japanese program available (A. Isabelo, 2008).

I heard about its good teaching quality from someone at work (R. Reyes, 2008).

I liked the small class arrangement and the cost is reasonable (S. Chu, 2008).

Reputation, ease of enrollment, price. (Happy to find you!) (P. Brown, 2008).

Schedule flexibitity, way of teaching, and smaller classes (H. Wong, 2008).

Good value for the money with experienced teachers (M. Morales, 2008).

It is inexpensive and I hear the classes are very good (R. Foon, 2008).

A very well-known institution for learning Japanese (K. Vaka, 2008).

I heard good reviews about the instructors (W. Church, 2008).

I have heard that the program is very good (D. Rhone, 2008).

Your (School's) curriculum is comprehensive.  I'm interested in a formal and professional instruction to the Japanese language. Educational level of instructors is also impressive (E. Tan, 2007).

Sounds like a good accelerated program, where I can learn to speak and write.  Also I need a structural environment to learn (N. Pettry, 2007).

I read positive reviews of the classes that were posted on the Internet.  Also the classes matched well with my work schedule (R. Boone, 2007).

It appears to be a very good long term method to thoroughly and effectively learn Japanese language (verbally & written) (M. Lane, 2007).

It (School) has good reviews and I like that there are standardized exams (R. Lao, 2007).

Because the school seemed to have a professional academic record (K. Ruiz, 2007).

Inexpensive, positive reviews on Yelp.com, and location (D. Anderson, 2007).

For the low cost and great curriculum (J. Sutton, 2007).

Research said it was best school (S. Nakamura, 2007).

Reasonable price and credibility (P. Ratan, 2007).

I heard it's a great school from a friend. Even though it's kind of far from where I live, I think it's worth it (J. Sarkany, 2006).

Because it seems like a reputable place that specializes in teaching Japanese to all skill levels (C. Head, 2006).

... a well-liked and established school that offers extremely reasonably priced classes (M. Kabala, 2006).

Teachers are energetic and knowledgeable about Japanese culture and society (K. Watkins, 2006).

It seemed like an actual school rather than just someone making part-time money (J. Park, 2006).

I chose Soko Gakuen because my friend told me we learn a lot in these classes (M. Leong, 2006).

I heard that classes are taught with a lot of care from the teachers (L. Au, 2006).

I heard from many friends that it was a good place to learn (L. Patrizio, 2006).

Because of its low cost, and they teach with integrity (C. Yee, 2006).

The instructors are well qualified (L. Guzman, 2006).

Nonprofit, cheap, and well-organized (Y. Gal, 2006).

Quality and reputation (P. Kraisriphop, 2006).

Soko Gakuen had a good price and my Saturdays are free; it also seemed like a smaller, more one on one type school where I could be comfortable (C. Schutte, 2005).

Seemed geared toward people who want to learn Japanese proficiently over a reasonable time frame rather than a short sprint (J. Gates, 2005).

It seemed like a good school, especially with the resources devoted to teaching in terms of number of courses and teachers (A. Chander, 2005).

A friend of mine said this was a great school and she learned very well.  My grandfather also said this was a good school (J. Yamasaki, 2005).

My sister told me that her friends highly recommended Soko Gakuen if she wanted to learn Japanese correctly (H. Lee, 2005).

After some research, I realized it was the best learning environment for me and was endorsed by a friend (V. James, 2005).

The classes offered seemed the most varied, affordable, and flexible--many different times and days (E. Suzuki, 2005).

It seems very credited and professional.  The location and wide range of classes are convenient (B. Wishnia, 2005).

Heard good recommendations from others who have attended.  I like the small classroom setting (C. Drum, 2005).

Soko Gakuen seems like a good school, is dedicated to one subject, and has good pricing (A. Peavey, 2005).

...because I wanted to participate in a nonprofit organization, instead of a college course (S. Yee, 2005).

It was what I saw on the Internet.  They answered my email quickly and it's in SF (E. Lujan, 2005).

The nonprofit rates are very affordable.  Soko Gakuen also has a good reputation (N. Good, 2005).

Ease of access, recommendation by prior student, and excellent pricing (E. Kostowski, 2005).

Excellent recommendations. Native Japanese speaking instructors (D. Theopope, 2005).

It (School) has all native teachers and seems very well organized (E. Lopez, 2005).

Because it seems to have the best program at a reasonable price (L. Heller, 2005).

I heard good things about Soko Gakuen from several friends (J. Lefler, 2005).

Because of step by step explanation of the curriculum (S. Wintaki, 2005).

Being recommended by friends. This school is excellent (E. Kam, 2005).

The caliber of instruction, size of class, and location (F. Franco, 2005).

I've heard phenomenal remarks about this place (L. Leuterio, 2005).

It was affordable and the people were friendly (S. McKenrey, 2005).

To learn Japanese with more personal attention (M. Snyder, 2005).

Structured classes and proficiency test (E. Tsang, 2005).

Nonprofit. Instructor's biographies (C. Foon, 2005).

Great quality at good price (C. Stevenson, 2005).

Price and quality (D. Adashek, 2005).

Soko Gakuen's website is never down, and it is very easy to find the school information, grades, audio tapes, and class assignments (A. Yu, 2004).

I found the school on the Internet and read recommendations for it.  The extremely low price of courses was also attractive (L. Meier, 2004).

It was cheap, easy to get to, and at the convenient times. It is more relaxed than a city college or state college course (B. Huey, 2004).

It offered an environment that individual needs would be paid attention to. A small classroom is always better (A. Gomez, 2004).

Good references from 2 current students. They said the classes are serious and they learned a lot (M. Carbonero, 2004).

It seemed reputable, and the best option for Japanese language instruction. I appreciated your mission (L. Banks, 2004).

Website. The school appears to be well organized and well conceived (D. Johannes, 2004).

Positive reviews and inexpensive classes. I like the approach as well (C. Geymont, 2004).

Saturday + evening classes, low anxiety, and relaxed atmosphere (M. Shehane, 2004).

I was enrolled before and was impressed with the courses and staff (E. Grogan, 2004).

Website seemed informative. Teachers seem very knowledgeable (J. McRain, 2004).

I heard that Soko Gakuen was a great school to learn Japanese in (J. Criswell, 2004).

Good reviews on website, good times offered and reasonably priced (S. Peak, 2004).

There were many good recommendations of the school (R. Imperial, 2004).

Affordable, and convenient class times.  Friendly staff (H. Payne, 2004).

Highly recommended by friends. Quality courses (S. Shelden, 2004).

Quality.  I heard that this is a very good school (J. Grisanzio, 2004).

Price, night-time, all levels offered every quarter (K. Ito, 2004).

I loved the description of your teaching style (W. Taira, 2004).

Reasonable prices with good curriculum (M. Camilo, 2004).

Full curriculum, excellent course prices (C. Wong, 2004).

I liked that the school is not for profit, offered classes at days/times that are convenient for me, and offers classes at reasonable prices (A. Falk, 2003).

I liked the comprehensive course schedule and tuition affordability.  Schedule is varied and easy to accommodate (C. Lay, 2003).

The information I have received leads me to believe that the instruction will be memorable and informative (D. Martinez, 2003).

Wanted university-like learning environment, rigorous and comprehensive.  Excellent value for the money (D. Dominiak, 2003).

It was recommended by an acquaintance, who mentioned that the student to teacher ratio is relatively low (B. Loo, 2003).

Price very reasonable, instructors well trained, seems to be a good atmosphere for learning (D. Brown, 2003).

It seemed to be the school with a professional teaching style, and most organized (C. Granda, 2003).

The website was comprehensive and clear. Also, the class times work for me (J. Franklin, 2003).

I am a returning student.  I like the class availability and learning environment (M. Sharp, 2003).

After reading the brochure, I was pleased with the pricing and level of quality (R. Yumol, 2003).

Soko Gakuen had the best sounding education to offer in S.F. in my opinion (S. Bartlett, 2003).

Referred to by the S.F. Japanese Consulate and it's an inexpensive course (D. Pecceu, 2003).

Fee is cheaper than others I've researched outside of college (T. Fujimura, 2003).

Very pleased with first class, excellent study environment (R. Eisley, 2003).

Saturday classes.  Multiple levels taught at slower pace (D. Dugger, 2003).

Several friends took classes here and were very satisfied (J. Tharp, 2003).

Heard it was good and you get value for your tuition (J. Rosel, 2003).

I've heard a lot of good things about the school (M. Flodin, 2003).

Feel good about the teacher and environment (L. Fischer, 2003).

Highly recommended by several friends (M. McCafferty, 2003).

Good Internet references and comments (E. Heredia, 2003).

Close to home, rates, good textbooks (A. Klemm, 2003).

Good price and good lesson book (T. Cincotta, 2003).

After I enrolled, one of my friends told me this was a great school. Her brother had taken classes, and his Japanese improved greatly (X. Robledo, 2002).

I heard it was a good program and the atmosphere seems to be more relaxed than a class in a college or university (W. Chu, 2002).

I was told it was a reputable Japanese program from a friend who has taken several courses here (T. Williams, 2002).

I received favorable recommendations from several friends who have taken classes here (D. Greenblatt, 2002).

Offers a complete Japanese language program. I'm willing and determined to take them all (S. Jia, 2002).

Impressed with the literature and teacher overviews. Price and quality of classes (J. Vergara, 2002).

Good recommendations on website and Professor Scovel at S. F. State (M. Cullen, 2002).

Comprehensive curriculum, professional instructors, convenient times (S. Ray, 2002).

Good location, good price, and I enjoyed my 1st class and teacher (C. Knapp, 2002).

Convenient schedule, good price, liked your web page (V. Youngblood, 2002).

I liked the structure of the program listed in the brochure (D. Cotes, 2002).

Soko Gakuen is very reputable. Price is very reasonable (W. Lok, 2002).

It was local, inexpensive, and highly recommended (S. Perlman, 2002).

Teachers have excellent credentials, school seems to be geared toward teaching Japanese (Q. Mangawang, 2001).

Interesting courses, flexible choice of timetable, very good price, friend's recommendation (P. McLoughlin, 2001).

The classes are very good (i.e., good instructors, curriculum) and it's very affordable (G. Yoshimura, 2001).

It appears to be a more comprehensive course than one can find in a college or university (S. Rutliff, 2001).

Soko Gakuen received a glowing review from a former student, so my wife and I enrolled (K. Yancey, 2001).

Its history as an established and well reputed school, native teachers, accelerated course (S. Gore, 2001).

Extremely high recommendation from a couple of friends. Breath of courses (P. Maxfield, 2001).

Price and it seems the most professional. Website gave it a lot of merit (L Vignalf, 2001).

Looks like Soko Gakuen provides a complete set of Japanese courses (H. Chen, 2001).

My friend told me it's the best Japanese language school in California (F. Wu, 2001).

For its professionalism and high standard in teaching Japanese (F. Diaz, 2001).

Heard it's a very good school and want to learn Japanese (T. Shiosaka, 2001).

I had fun this last time, although I did not finish the class (S. Nakanishi, 2001).

Easy scheduling, reasonable prices, easy to get to (T. Williamson, 2001).

Prices are very reasonable. Very effective teachers (R. Rosales, 2001).

It seems very professional and has good reviews (M. Pollard, 2001).

I was very satisfied by my progress last quarter (N. Vilagi, 2001).

Strong recommendations from several people (M. Lattia, 2001).

History of school, extensive curriculum (D. Talaber, 2001).

Location, happy with quality of teaching (S. Tabikh, 2001).

Detailed brochure, impressive faculty background, wide range of courses, reasonable rates (A. Bistol, 2000).

I have heard from a friend that Soko Gakuen offers the best Japanese language courses (B. Naumann, 2000).

Reputation, strong links to Japanese friends and Japanese community in the Bay Area (I. Baecht, 2000).

The school had a very good appearance as to being small and dedicated to teaching (E. Camuffo, 2000).

Excellent reputation, close to my office, reasonable price, and helpful teaching style (D. Perry, 2000).

Because it (school) has a solid reputation, and it has convenient class times (R. Krishnaney, 2000).

Excellent reputation. I have been impressed with the two teachers I have met (A. Burton, 2000).

Affordable classes, convenient location, curriculum, qualified instructors (M. Labrador, 2000).

The tuition is inexpensive, environment, and the school is very well established (K. Tan, 2000).

The price is reasonable and the course of the organization is reasonable (A. Delgado, 2000).

I liked the course description as well as the principles behind the school (J. Abel, 2000).

I heard good things about the school, small class size, inexpensive (M. Abundo, 2000).

... a systematic organization using structured materials and facilities (M. Yen, 2000).

I like the fact that it is non-profit. The teaching style is relaxed (J. Ziegler, 2000).

Because it (school) actually forces student to use Japanese (M. Mitchell, 2000).

The testimonials on the web page, and the small classes (B. Underwood, 2000).

This establishment seems to have an excellent reputation (R. Faerman, 2000).

Small class size, excellent learning environment, etc. (M. Nikki, 2000).

The school has a comprehensive program at all levels (T. Dunn, 2000).

Really good teachers and curriculum is thorough (R. Siwaraya, 2000).

The outstanding reputation that school has (K. Dickey, 2000).

The instructors seem well qualified (M. Wysong, 2000).

Professional approach, presentation of materials, convenient location in San Francisco (S. Belding, 1999).

Because it's a nonprofit school and very strict and serious about teaching Japanese (P. Massarelli, 1999).

Because the school has a structured set of classes that are convenient (T. Nicholas, 1999).

Good class organization, convenient times, evaluation component (N. Marine-Street, 1999).

Soko Gakuen has an excellent reputation as well as affordable tuition (T. Angulo, 1999).

Extra activities outside class, more cultural exposure, faster pace (A. Allen, 1999).

Extensive choice of classes and nonprofit status of school (W. Webb, 1999).

Program organization, schedule, price, class size (V. Kolakowski, 1999).

I read good reviews about the quality of the classes (J. Ziegler, 1999).

Good recommendations. Not a commercial school (T. Phipps, 1999).

It is cheap and has highly qualified teachers (S. Feldstein, 1999).

Soko Gakuen's link to local Japanese community (M. Ching, 1999).

Inexpensive and good reputation for quality (J. Lee, 1999).

I chose the school because of its faculty (M. Urena, 1999).

I heard the courses were well taught (R. Kahn, 1999).

It's a nonprofit organization. The people involved want to help people learn, rather than for the money (E. Breed, 1998).

The school offers so many classes and also the teachers have a good education and experience (Y. Santoso, 1998).

A good combination of language and writing skills will be taught and the hours are flexible (H. Casareno, 1998).

I saw the web page and found that I could receive language credit from my high school (C. Sager, 1998).

Affordable fees and constructive lessons given and goals given in each class (R. Koedrat, 1998).

Established instruction with broad range of curriculum (A. Hopkins, 1998).

Highly recommended by friends who took class before (J. Ayyoub, 1998).

It seems very organized and thorough, and affordable (M. Walker, 1998).

I have always learned a good amount at Soko Gakuen (A. Hanson, 1998).

I think $130 for Japanese courses is a bargain (D. Leong, 1999).

Inexpensive, good schedule, well-organized (M. Ohlsson, 1998).

Highly recommended as an excellent school (C. Ryan, 1998).

"Teachers are professionals, and students are interested in just learning Japanese, not in getting degrees as in a university. As a result, the students are focussed and all are interested in the culture, language and people of Japan." (D. Black, 1997)

"Affordable, attractive location (Japantown), close to home, recommended by Japanese Consulate + JET Program rep." (P. Hammer, 1997)

"Soko Gakuen is a great bargain. The $130 tuition represents just a fraction of the educational value." (M. Connell, 1998)

"Fit my schedule, variety of courses and times, reasonable rates for tuition, small class sizes." (D. Bush, 1997)

"Good reputation among coworkers who have taken classes here (P. Corbett, J. Couch...)." (I. Beacht, 1997)

"I believe non-profit organizations will put more emphasis on teaching. Better quality." (M. Wang, 1997)

"Because of the seriousness of the courses; convenient location; times of day." (P. Smith, 1997)

"I like the environment as well as its dedication to teaching Japanese." (T. Shelton, 1997)

"I heard it was the best-small classes, lowest tuition." (B. Zimmers, 1997)

"Affordable and close by and there is some parking." (S. Siu, 1997)

Any comments or suggestions may be addressed to sokogakuen@gmail.com.

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