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3-min video presentation about School  Courtesy of Heather Ito, a journalist at NichiBei Weekly, Northern California.

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    Why have you chosen Soko Gakuen

    A friend whose opinion I respect highly suggested the course, and it's significantly cheaper than other language schools in the area (A. Danducci, 2016).
    Seemed most extensive. Good user rating.  Appeared to be professional, well structured/organized, been in business for a long time (S. Kim, 2016).
    Good reviews and great price for the amount of hours learning a new language (A. Mun, 2016).
    Read great reviews. Like the motto of "not taking advantage" (H. Oliveira-Pinto, 2016).

    My friend said it was awesome and it was priced reasonably (J. Silver, 2016).
    It's not overpricing and it provides good learning (A. Ricucci, 2016).
    Great price, appreciated the mission (Z. Shafir, 2016).

    And More...

    (G. Kobliska, 2017)  Do Good Things to the community!

    Smoking snuffs out your job chances.
    I "Feel the Bern."
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