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FINAL EXAMS for all levels are given regularly at the end of each term, and kept on file for at least one year. Students are entitled to see their corrected papers. The results of the final exam and your attendance (%) will be kept in a digitized form @STUDENT GRADES AND INFORMATION REPOSITORYYour evaluation will enable Soko Gakuen to make an accurate recommendation about your proficiency to any institution, company, college or university to which you may apply. Soko Gakuen's final exams are designed to determine whether your Japanese language proficiency meets the language requirements for a higher level class and the criteria for the ACTFL Japanese Language Proficiency Guidelines.

If you have satisfactorily completed the course work (i.e., the final exam, assignments, quizzes, and an attendance rate of 80% or higher in any course), you can ask your instructor to write a PROGRESS REPORT for you at the time of the final exam. Your language skills in grammar, writing, reading, aural/listening, oral/speaking, communicative competence, and attendance, punctuality, performance (in class), homework, attention, effort, motivation, and progress will be graded on a 7-point scale and kept in your PROGRESS REPORT.  Soko Gakuen will keep your records, and will release them upon your request.

Upon successful completion (80% or higher attendance rate and 80% or higher final exam score) of any course, a CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION will be obtained, if requested.

Soko Gakuen's final exams will be a combination of achievement and proficiency (i.e., you may encounter test items that have never been taught in the class). Soko Gakuen's exit criteria for each level are based on the 1987 ACTFL Japanese Language Proficiency Guidelines.

If the student is unable to take the final exam on the scheduled date due to circumstances beyond his or her control, the exam will be given only in a similar test-taking situation (under supervision of an instructor at Soko Gakuen). Unless the final exam is made up, NO CERTIFICATES can be issued.

To enroll in the PRACTICAL COMMUNICATION or READING FOR COMPREHENSION class, you must pass (80% or hgher) the Proficiency Test (PT300). The test (approx. 1 hour) will be given on the first day of your class.  Other levels of Proficiency or PlacementTests (PT150, PT600, or online version, etc.) may be administered upon your request. The Proficiency Tests, the scores of which are comparable to scores of other institutions, can be an excellent device by which Soko Gakuen can measure your Japanese language skills more objectively.

If necessary, see your instructor after the final exam (preferably within a few weeks) to discuss your progress and performance at Soko Gakuen. Letters of recommendation can be obtained from your instructor upon request.


Any comments or suggestions may be addressed to sokogakuen@gmail.com.

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