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3-min video presentation about School  Courtesy of Heather Ito, a journalist at NichiBei Weekly, Northern California.

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InpersonVsOnline learning/teaching


Why have you chosen Soko Gakuen

I wanted to learn Japanese in person, not online, and Soko Gakuen seemed like the best option in San Francisco. Classes are very affordable (S. Lee, 2022).
Great reviews, the schedule is perfect, structure and in-person is my preference for learning (K. McElfresh, 2022).
The message of having the cheapest classes possible with the highest quality appealed to me (J. Moreno, 2022).

Soko Gakuen was the best-rated and one of the only schools to accept adults (C. Coria, 2022).
I started learning here years ago and enjoyed it. Now I am ready to resume (L. Bagnato, 2022).
I like the teaching/learning philosophies discussed on the webpage (F. Laubscher, 2022).

I've heard good reviews and it's in a convenient, easy-to-reach area (M. Veggetti, 2022).
It was more cost-efficient than other schools (E. Childs, 2022).

Course descriptions are thorough and comprehensive, reasonable pricing; the school has been operating for a long time in Japantown (J. Mitchell, 2019).

The teachers are very skillful and the materials are very extensive and comprehensive, and help the students to learn fully (B. Rezwani, 2019).
Because they want to teach the language and spread it.  They are not all about money or other stuff.  It's a good school (H. Venn, 2019).

For a number of years, classes have been available and authentic.  Also the price is unbeatable (B. Tastan, 2019).
I have several friends who learned Japanese here and all of their feedback is very positive (C. Xu, 2019).
Authentic, clear, and logical course curriculum. Taught by native Japanese (J. Noonan, 2019).
It looks comprehensive and all essential components of learning Japanese (J. Orr, 2019).
I liked the philosophy of the school (D. Lettieri, 2019).
Best rated school to learn Japanese (K. Lee, 2019).

The description of the course, emphasizes the use of language in the classroom, evaluation, course sequence (N. Riojas, 2018).
Enthusiastic and patient educators. The balance of homework and conversational Japanese in class (Z. Tachibana, 2018).
I've heard many good things from my parents, who attended here several years ago (N. Rose-Freitas, 2018).
Native Japanese speaking teachers.  Great instruction and reasonably priced.  No frills (E. Shieh, 2018).
Great recommendation from a colleague who took beginners conversation (M. Mayeda, 2018).
The range of courses if I continue to learn. Easy to register and low prices (G. Salazar, 2018).
I think Soko Gakuen provides a good study environment, quiet, and clean (R. Fu, 2018).
Quiet nice learning environment, relaxed, professional teaching style (R. Fu, 2018).
I heard from a friend that took classes here and enjoyed them (A. Nguyen, 2018).
More class times than other schools, good values, good reviews (J. Epps, 2018).
The program has good flexibility for working schedules (E. Ramirez, 2018).
Clear, concise website messaging, feels authentic (V. Kumar, 2018).
Close to home, good policy, and small class size (D. Drabik, 2018).
Quality of instruction, pace, convenience (J. Livingston, 2018).
Human interaction rather than online learning (J. Mi, 2018).

It's important to learn the language at a good pace with native speakers who also have teaching credit and/or advanced study degrees.  Soko Gakuen has good faculty (L. Abdelmalek, 2017).
I've heard good things about the school through a friend who is taking advanced classes at the school (S. Lugtu, 2017).
Based on the research I did it seemed like a great value and had very well-regarded teachers (S. Geniella, 2017).

The cost is reasonable and I feel the class was very good at teaching a lot in short time (S. Soo, 2017).

Soko Gakuen had many reputable reviews online--Yelp and Google (S. Eong, 2017).

It has great reviews.  A friend of mine attended classes here (S. Lozada, 2017).
Soko Gakuen is affordable and has a friendly environment (T. Goosen, 2017).
Everyone I asked said this was the best school in the area (J. Schupp, 207).
I heard that quality of teaching is very good and affordable (J. Lee, 2017).
Cost-effectiveness, convenience, location, and authenticity (B. Li, 2017).
Excellent reputation and price (W. Dobbins, 2017).

Seemed most extensive. Good user rating.  Appeared to be professional, well structured/organized, been in business for a long time (S. Kim, 2016).
Good reviews and great price for the amount of hours learning a new language (A. Mun, 2016).
Read great reviews. Like the motto of "not taking advantage" (H. Oliveira-Pinto, 2016).

My friend said it was awesome and it was priced reasonably (J. Silver, 2016).
It's not overpricing and it provides good learning (A. Ricucci, 2016).
Great price, appreciated the mission (Z. Shafir, 2016).

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