symbol.gif  Mission Statement   Soko Gakuen Japanese Language School (Rev. 2007)    少欲知足

Soko Gakuen Japanese Language School (nonprofit), an affiliated organization (i.e., an integrated auxiliary) of the Buddhist Church of  San Francisco, has been providing Japanese language instruction with integrity to the community since 1915. The school is devoted to teaching the Japanese language and culture to the people in the community. The school is devoted to the conveyance of Japanese traditions, Buddhist teachings and principles. Soko Gakuen insists on a high standard of conduct by its faculty and students, and is committed to excellence. The school provides opportunities for everyone to learn the Japanese language at reasonable rates.  Profit-oriented principles shall not overshadow the school’s guiding principles.

Take a close look at these sites: Craigslist, Jim Breen, Soko Gakuen, and others. What do they have in common?  It's as if you've stepped into a time machine that has taken you back to the pre-commercial days of the web: Mosaic, NCSA, Marc Andreessen. There are no fancy graphics, flashy animations, or banner ads. There's hardly even any color. It has all the appeal of an elementary school mimeograph. And that's by design. These sites stay true to their original "populist values" that bring people together. Online communities change over time, but Craig Newmark agrees that keeping things simple and fast is good because it makes the site easy to use. This practice will help people make life easier and provide a culture of trust, one that is very useful and effective. "Ostentation and ornamentation are disdained as vulgar, and simplicity and understatement are considered signs of sophistication (Zen)." Think again why people tweet--X?  Prajna. 円融三諦

  "Codification of laws and rules creates difficulty and complexity in managing and governing."  ~Taozi 老子

  "Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned." - Mark Twain

   欲深き人の心と降る雪は積もるにつけて道を失う。- 高橋泥舟

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