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Soko Gakuen
 Japanese Language School
1881 Pine Street
San Francisco,  CA 94109
Phone 415-928-9608

Soko Gakuen Japanese Language School
Announces  $1,000
Ben Yoshikawa  Scholarships

Established 2003  (Rev. 2016)

Soko Gakuen, a nonprofit Japanese language school in San Francisco, will award scholarships to its outstanding language students.  The school will invite its qualified students to apply for the Ben Yoshikawa Scholarship (effective 2003), which assists them in covering their 4-term (or 2-semester) tuitions or ~$1000 cash awards.

Applicants must:
1.  be or have been Soko Gakuen students.
2.  have 6 final exam scores of 95% or higher (equivalent of 4.0 GPA) and 100% perfect attendance rates for those same 6 classes.
3.  have one (1) recommendation from a Soko Gakuen teacher.
4.  pass a written exit exam (composition).
Note:  Scholarships are subject to final approval by the Soko Gakuen Board and availability of funds.

Soko Gakuen will provide up to $1,000 to be used for the student's 4-term (or 2-semester) tuition remission or a $1000 cash award for each eligible applicant.

Applicant must submit all required documents to the Soko Gakuen office when he or she becomes eligible.  Application form is available on the Soko Gakuen website  at https://sokogakuen.org/byScholarApForm.html.   For questions, email Soko Gakuen at sokogakuen@gmail.com.

We look forward to your participation.

Please note:
Tuition remission must be used for the named scholarship recipient only.
Further details will be handled case by case when any other issues arise.

Recipients / Congratulations

"A Commitment To Excellence"

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