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お願い To our dear students and ex-students:
Soko Gakuen teachers make a monthly stipend that covers just their needs.  Over the last 30 years, we have made conscious efforts to keep our tuition below comparable market rates based on Buddhist principles.  Over a decade later, it's the only top-three language school run by a nonprofit organization, and a community of passionate volunteer-minded workers.  We ask only for a small donation of  $10, $25, $50, (or more if you can).  Your donation will only be used to cover teachers' bonuses (restricted contribution).  Our school has served over a thousand people learning Japanese every year, but we run on a fraction of what other comparable schools spend.  Please, if you can, help us support our school by giving a little more money to our teachers. Our teachers will really appreciate it. Thank you.   You generous CHECKS, PAYABLE TO  Soko Gakuen, 1881 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.


Telephone 415-928-9608


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If requested, a certificate of course completion will be issued to the student who has successfully completed 
a course or courses (i.e., a final exam score of 80% or higher & an attendance rate of 80% or higher). 
Requests can be addressed to sokogakuen@gamil.com.

FALL 2017

Phone/DOB    ExamScore%,  Attendance(%)
last 4     mmdd

 Final Exam Date:   Saturday, 12/2/17

BCSM   (Instructor:  M. Kondo)

B1SM   (Instructor:  Y. Uda)

B2SM  (Instructor:  S. Halper

B3SM (Instructor:  H. Rustigan

B1SA  (Instructor:  T. Sakudo)

ICSA  (Instructor:  M. Kondo)

I1SA  (Instructor:  S. Halper)

I2SA  (Instructor:  M. Ota)

I3SA   (Instructor:  M. Kondo)

I4SA   --canceled--

R3&kJLPTn3SA   (Instructor:  Y. Komori)

PCSA  (Instructor: T. Narui)          
9702/0702                        pt300 88% 9/23/17
5213/0608                        pt300 93% 9/23/17

JLPTn2 prepSA (Instructor: A. Kazama)

 Final Exam Date:   Monday, 12/4/17  
B1ME   (Instructor:  T. Sakudo

B2ME  (Instructor: A. Kazama)

R1ME    --canceled--

R2ME      --canceled--

I5ME      --canceled--

I6ME    --canceled--

PCME  (Instructor: T. Narui)
4932/1994                                  pt300 97% 9/25/17
6698/0630                                  pt300 90% 9/25/17

 Final Exam Date: Wednesday, 12/6/17
B1WE  (Instructor: A. Kazama)

B2WE  (Instructor:  M. Ota)

B3WE   (Instructor:  T. Sakudo)

I1WE   (Instructor:  S. Halper)

I2WE        --canceled--

I3WE (Instructor:  Y. Komori)

I4WE   (Instructor: T. Narui)

The above grades and attendance were issued to the students who have successfully completed  a course or courses, i.e., a final exam score of 80% or higher and an attendance rate of 80% or higher.

symbol.gif  Mission Statement
Take a close look at the sites: Craigslist, Jim Breen, Soko Gakuen, etc. What do they share in common? You'd think you'd stepped into a time machine that has shot you back to the Web's pre-commercial days? Mosaic, NCSA, Marc Andreessen? There are no fancy graphics. No flashy animation. No banner ads. There's hardly even color. It has all the appeal of an elementary school mimeograph. And that's by design.  Stay true to its original "populist values” that draw people together.  Online communities change over time. Simple and fast is good, Craig Newmark agrees, because it makes the site easy to use. This practice will help people make life easy. And provide a culture of trust, one that's very useful and very effective. "Ostentation and ornamentation are disdained as vulgar, and simplicity and understatement considered as signs of sophistication (Zen)." Think why people use Twitter?   Prajna.  円融三諦

  satori Comments or suggestions to sokogakuen@gmail.com.

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